Short Term Business Loans
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Unsecured Business Loans for the Self Employed


Most businesses experience slow times at some stage of their business life. In some seasonal industries certain products must be ordered and paid for many months before they are sold. For the self employed, a short term unsecured business loan can help even out cash flow when your accounts payable terms are less than your sales terms.

Short term loans can run for as little as 90 to 180 days or as long as 1 year often depending on the purpose of the loan. Purchasing new machinery, investment in research and development and expanding operations are just a few uses for a short term business loan. Short term loans allow business owners the opportunity to repay the loan without severely affecting the financial framework of the company as long as the business has a viable exit strategy and plan to repay the loan.

Short term business loans vary depending on the lender and the goals of the business. Many businesses use these short term loans to purchase capital equipment, pay outstanding invoices or pay for other business expenses that are creating a drain on business cash flow. Companies that benefit most from short term loans or bridging finance are those that can foresee revenue in the near future and can therefore pay back the short term loan in a short period of time.