Short Term Business Loans
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About Us

Short Term Business Loans is a nationally operated short term funding specialist. We can assist with Caveat Loans/Second Mortgages and Unsecured Business Loans through private funding.

We have direct access to private funding so we can facilitate your short term business loan or second mortgage application quickly and provide you with short term funding usually within 5 business days.

Whether you’re a business owner, investor or property developer you need to move fast in today’s market. By dealing with Short Term Business Loans you’ll have the confidence to commit and the means to act quickly so you don’t miss the opportunity presented to you.

The key advantages of short term loans is that they allow the business to operate with sufficient freedom and more flexibility. Short term loans also allow the business to employ its total cash resources for optimal returns when there is a backup of funding available to it. This enables the business to operate on thin cash reserves and access short term loans whenever necessary.

Entrepreneurs use short term loans where they intend to receive resources within a very short time frame. For example, the entrepreneur will use the amount drawn under a short term loan to purchase raw materials and pay wages/salaries etc If the business is generating an adequate return on investment and expansion is being hindered by a lack of short term capital then a short term loan may be a solid option.

More and more businesses are waking up to the advantages of short term loans so call us on 1300 100 500 or complete the express enquiry form and we will contact you shortly.